The brand ColoMBiana and all of its products are built on the same principals - eco friendly, traditional, durable, a fair approach to people and quality, timelessness, finding feminity in simplicity, a focus on detail and variability of how you wear it. These are the pillars of our philosophy and products.

La Tagua

The originality and uniqueness of the ColoMBiana jewellery comes from the precious La Tagua, an exotic nut from the tropical rainforests. It is the most beautiful example of the Colombian nature which in combination with a touch of European design brings an exceptional moment into your everyday life.

La Tagua is a nut of palm trees that grow in tropical rainforests in South America.

It is the only vegetable product which by its composition, hardness and colour is almost identical with animal ivory and therefore La Tagua nuts are also called “vegetable ivory”.



Several months pass before a La Tagua nut becomes a piece of jewellery. These tropical nuts grow on a palm tree in big bunches which fall off when ripe.




There are several nuts of different sizes inside every piece of fruit, which are full of sweet, liquid pulp. To be able to work with it, they must be dried in the sun for at least three months. The nuts become hard and are shelled.



This is how the local people obtain the raw material which is then hand polished to become white, cut, turned into required shapes and coloured with purely natural colours.



Each coloMBbiana piece of jewellery is unique thanks to the natural material which can be different in size, shape and colour. The quality mark and originality of the jewellery is achieved by being 100% handmade.

I regularly go back to Colombia where every piece touches my hands. From the prepared and carefully selected material I make jewellery that has its own story.


La Tagua jewellery is organic, ecological and has a strong ethical dimension. I am proud that thanks to this jewellery we help people and nature.



We protect elephants


We protect elephants

Using alternative ivory we limit elephant hunts. Each palm fruit crop is about 25 kg that represents the weight of a pair of elephant tusks.

We do not hurt trees


We do not hurt trees

La Tagua nuts after becoming ripe fall off the palm tree to the ground. We only take as much material from the nature as it offers to us.

We prevent the cutting down of the tropical forests


We prevent the
cutting down of the tropical forests

Originally, the local Amazonian population lived by cutting down the tropical forests to gain the land. Since La Tagua has become their livelihood, they have started to protect their nature again.

We are Fairtrade

We are Fairtrade

Fairtrade guarantees that the local people who help produce ColoMBiana jewellery receive a fair profit share.

We support local people

We support
local people

We provide jobs to individual Colombian families. In the past there was a huge production of buttons out of vegetable ivory. After the World War II this natural material had been ousted out by the cheap plastic materials imported from China. Nowadays the local people can devote themselves to their handicraft also thanks to coloMBiana jewellery.



The Linen clothing line is an obvious and effortless continuation of the brand ColoMBiana. Flax fiber Linen has been knitted throughout our history, dating back as far as 10 000 years. Flax was one of the first plants which humans started to cultivate deliberately. Despite numerous climate and historical changes, it's still here to this day and humbly reminds us of our roots. Project ColoMBiana Linen represents the rejuvenation of an inconspicuous material that's been with us for centuries.

The incredible properties of linen

Living in a world where synthetic materials are in the forefront, we are used to clothes deteriorating very quickly. With linen it's the opposite. Linen is very durable, sustainable and the more it's worn the more pleasant and appealing it gets. It is 100% hypoallergenic and is known to have antibacterial properties. It stifles the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold.It doesn't hold dust or static and isn't processed with toxins and is also known to help with healing eczema or for sensitive skin. It is crucial to us that our products are not made with any types of chemicals, thats why we get our linen from small European manufacturers, its certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, meets strict international criteria and health safety regulations on all aspects of production.


Products woven from flax fiber have better absorbency than cotton. Until they start to appear wet, they can absorb up to 20% of their dry weight from moisture.

Breathability & thermoregulation

Linen not only absorbs water perfectly, but also wicks away moisture thanks to its structure. At the same time, it has excellent thermoregulatory properties - it cools pleasantly in summer and warms in winter.


Flax fiber is the strongest and Firmest natural fiber. Thanks to this, the canvas from which we sew our clothes is resistant to scuffing, tearing or stretching.

Fair trade

Fair trade

100 % Nature

100 % Nature

Hand Made

Hand Made

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welcome to the world of unique coloMBiana jewellery in which exotic nature, Columbian culture and European design are combined. You can find all our products in our e-shop. Let yourselves be inspired by our collections to get a perfect combination for your accessories . If you have your own vision of an original piece of jewellery and are interested in custom-made pieces, do not hesitate to contact myself.