About myself

All of us write our story. The moment when we start believing our intuition, we can completely change it.

After ten years in an accountancy career, I decided to leave the world of business and swapped all my securities for the big unknown.

However, my long-lived ambition, natural curiousity and love to travel moved me much further away from the stereotypical, 12-hour working day with financial groups and investment projects.

After travelling through many countries of South America my journey brought me to Colombia that is said to have the nicest people in the world. Here I met with an Indian who invited me to his home – deep in the Amazonian jungle where people live connected with the nature, without technological advances and mobile signal. To a magical place that changed my life.

Watching the everyday life of Indians, I discovered La Tagua nuts, similar to ivory, from which they make simple accessories. Indians believe in their natural strength – they provide protection and bring luck.

During my two months stay I improved in their traditional techniques and created my first pieces of jewelry. Simple but extraordinary and remarkable.

ColoMBiana has been born in the Amazonian rain forest out of courage, newly discovered joy and energy from the nature.

I love to return to this place. It makes me free of civilisation noise, I feel the creativeness and take the limitless inspiration from the untouched nature.

The jewelry with a story became the sense of my life. Each piece carries inside a real life of a jungle, a touch of the Colombian sun, a touch of an Indian and a bit of myself. You are the last element.

Nonetheless, creating means growing and so during its existence, ColoMBiana has gradually and quite naturally enriched itself with the linen clothing project. Which today gives it a new dimension. It opens another piece of my world and brings a fresh breath of minimalistic local fashion to your wardrobes.

During my student days sewing and simple fashion design with a focus on detail reflected my interest and hobbies and did not leave me even in my corporate career. A little later, I looked for a way to underline the uniqueness of La Tagua jewelry. I used to dress myself and mannequins with my own models in comfortable cuts and clean lines. The demand for this effortless, casual fashion and the enthusiasm for Linen eventually grew into the idea of a new sub-brand ColoMBiana Linen.

Thanks to that, today you can combine a complete and original outfit of clothes and jewelry with us, in which you'll be clothed in the force of nature.

Monika Babčanová

Monika Babčanová studied at the University of Economics and obtained an ACCA qualification. After many years in audit, she left the world of finance and travelled to South America. In the Amazonian tropical rainforest she discovered La Tagua nuts – vegetable ivory, which she uses now to make a unique jewelry under the ColoMBiana brand. When she does not design dress or make jewelry, she travels, studies languages and devotes herself to sports. She likes reminding herself of the Amazonia by kayaking down the Danube river.

Fair trade

Fair trade

100 % Nature

100 % Nature

Hand Made

Hand Made

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welcome to the world of unique coloMBiana jewellery in which exotic nature, Columbian culture and European design are combined. You can find all our products in our e-shop. Let yourselves be inspired by our collections to get a perfect combination for your accessories . If you have your own vision of an original piece of jewellery and are interested in custom-made pieces, do not hesitate to contact myself.